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At Klarvatten Daycare, we provide a safe, nurturing environment to enhance each child’s individual needs. Infants between 12 to 18 months love exploring new things, we focus on their physical, mental, emotional, social and communication development. We implement appropriate and engaging activities for our older infants.

Rest assured that your child’s experience at our daycare will be secure, attentive and loving. Parents are always welcome to come in to visit their babies or call to check in.

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In our toddler classrooms, we encourage each child to learn new things and explore their likes and dislikes. Our classrooms are designed in a way that every child can learn on an individual basis. We implement a variety of age appropriate activities that can focus on overall development of your child.

Our staff implement lesson plans that focus on early literacy, numeracy, science/sensory, music and movement. We will educate them about letters, numbers, different shapes and colors so they are ready to enter the preschool classroom. The children will also explore the outside world with outside play time (weather permitting).

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Our preschool classroom will focus developing  skills that would benefit children when they enter kindergarten. Some of the areas include: reading skills, recognizing letters, numbers, patterns, introduction of sight words.

Our Preschoolers will explore the world of technology and engage with interactive reading. Children will also explore the outside world daily in the morning and afternoon (weather permitting).

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Klarvatten OSC provides elementary school-age children an environment where they can learn and thrive with convenient care. With our fun and nurturing atmosphere, we keep your children encouraged. Throughout the day, we focus on educational, metal and social learning of children. We promise that whatever your children will learn at our daycare centre will help them prepare for school and life.

We indulge your children in a variety of extracurricular activities that can develop them physically, mentally and socially. When they are not in a classroom, we make sure they explore other things that can help build the essential skills for their futures.